REVEALED: What Are Your Keys to Lasting Love?

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Led by Licia Rester, Here's What You'll Discover in The Keys Revealed Masterclass:

  • The FOUR JUDGMENT TRAPS that keep you and your partner stuck in a Cycle of Criticism
  • ​How to avoid the #1 MARRIAGE MYTH that results in heartbreak and you both feeling more like roommates than spouses
  • ​2 LITTLE MISTAKES that widen the emotional gap in your relationship
  • How to break free of the RELATIONSHIP RUT
  • ​The 3 KEYS Sylvia discovered at the Magdalene that you can use to Unlock the Magic in Your Marriage
  • ​The MINDFUL MARRIAGE METHOD that provides simple, fast and fun ways to create a life of greater love, joy and connection together
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AS A TRANSFORMATION COACH AND LICENSED THERAPIST, LICIA RESTER has been privileged to support thousands of individuals and couples in their personal and professional success. 

She is also an award-winning curriculum designer who specializes in creating and facilitating engaging and transformational workshops, courses, and virtual events. 
In this capacity, she has worked with Fortune 500 companies, academic universities, and non-profit institutions, including the following...

These insights and approaches covered in the free masterclass have been developed over decades from Licia's own long-term marriage, as well as her support of thousands of individuals and couples. Here's what some have shared...

“As a couple in a long-term successful marriage and both coaches ourselves, we were blown away by the wisdom and inspiration...

Dr. Kamin Samuel and Mark Samuel,
International Coaches and Authors

“...a unique and engaging way to explore the complexities of marriage, love, and personal transformation, providing readers with a valuable resource to unlock the magic in their own lives.

Stu Semigran,
President & Co-founder of EduCare Foundation
Author of Heartset Education: A Way of Living and Learning
“...a fresh and inspiring perspective on love and relationship that will leave you feeling uplifted and inspired."

Dayna Dunbar, 
Award-winning author of visionary fiction including Awake: The Legacy of Akara
“...personally empowering and transformational.”

Cindy Lou Golin, PhD, 
Transformation coach and author of The Shadow Playbook
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